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Random Acts of Kindness

Trinity Star Arts Council was recently presented with such a great and thoughtful gift. Thank you to Tony Price for a framed 1964 Fine Arts Stamp! We are so grateful to receive this historic homage to American Arts. Thank You!

"All my adult life I have sought opportunities to practice Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK). Since retiring as superintendent of Fairfield ISD after 45 years in public education and I am now afforded the opportunity to extend RAOK to a larger circle, beyond family and colleagues.

I appreciate and value all that TSAC does to provide and share arts in our local area. I have enclosed a framed 1964 U.S. Postage 5 cent stamp that was issued to honor the "American's Fine Arts", and to celebrate the positive role that participation in and enjoyment of the arts has on our society.

Have a nice day!"

Tony Price

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