About TSAC

Texas Commission on the Arts research shows a strong correlation between fine arts education and achieving success in school and work.  Recognizing that the arts inspire passion, improve quality of life and have a positive economic impact on the community,  a few folks began discussing an arts council and its benefits for Freestone County.


The late Lane Stripling, local civic leader and architect, helped to create and shape what Trinity Star Arts Council is today.  As a founding director, Lane’s legacy is huge and far-reaching and remains TSAC’s inspiration.


Formed in late 2009, the Council is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organization dedicated to benefitting  educational and cultural arts in the area.

The mission of  TSAC is to present performing, literary and visual arts in Freestone County through education and participation.  Its goal is to benefit citizens by providing opportunities to engage in arts-related activities and to be entertained by them.


Located in the Trinity River basin, Freestone County was the most populated and prosperous of a six-county surrounding the area which bordered the Trinity River during the 1850s and 1860s.  The region was often referred to as the Heart of the Trinity Star and Freestone County became a cultural center.  TSAC's vision is to once again bring the community together through the arts.


Since its beginning, TSAC has presented numerous musical events, art exhibitions, children’s literary programs, college scholarships, culinary classes and community theatre productions to Freestone County residents and guests.


The generosity of TSAC patrons, partners and sponsors make programming possible.

The 2020 Board of Directors includes:


President- Ashlee Daniel

Vice President- Kim Ratcliff

Treasurer- Beverly Awalt

Secretary- Courtney Varner

Jane Phillips, Dianne Murden, and David Timmerman

The 2020 Advisory Council includes: 

Frank Dent, Loften Dunlap, Jean Galley, Amy Evans, Rachel Bossier, Stephanie Thompson, Carrie Herren, Al Gibson, Leah Burck, Jane Morrison, Janie Richards, Kendra Young, Katherine Jackson, Carol Moller, George Boyd.