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Picnic & Pickin' on the Lawn

Coming October 11, 2020

TSAC's Annual Patron Event

An Evening of Americana Music: Featuring Roland Brown, Kim Meeks, and Bill Middleton

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ROLAND BROWN.  Legend has it that Roland was banging on church pianos from the time he could reach up and hit the keyboards, giving him now almost 70 years of “musical effort”!  Along the way, this Jacksonville, Texas native who now calls Wimberley, Texas home, has entertained himself and others playing guitar, singing and sometimes adding a little bass guitar to others’ efforts.  Choral music at church and at Jacksonville High School instilled a love of singing.  Taking up the guitar early on, he has taken any opportunity to play and sing – school talent shows, rock bands and local contemporary Christian music groups, a summer touring 32 states and islands off the Florida coast as guitarist for the group, The Continental Singers, doing solo gigs in coffeehouses, cafes and bars, and sharing stages with professionals like friends, Neal Ford, Kim Meeks, Bill Middleton and others. Roland occasionally adds some guitar tracks for others’ recordings and has sung around more campfires than he can count.  The list would be incomplete though without mentioning the popular Jacksonville based band, Plain Folks, formed in 1991 which still performs in the northeast Texas area and on occasion, beyond.  A graduate of Baylor University and Baylor School of Law, Roland and wife, Gayle (Baylor Class of ’73) stay active in their community and with their four grown kids and their families.  More about Roland and his professional as well as personal interests appear at

KIM MEEKS performed with bands around Montreal, Canada from the age of 16 until the day in late 2009 when she packed up and left heading straight for Texas.  Once in Texas, she quickly found her footing and stepped onto her first Texas stage in early 2010.  From there she enjoyed playing in duo’s until she met Neal.  That musical chemistry  instantly helped initiate the band, Kim and Her Bad Habits, a band still growing in popularity today.  Kim has always enjoyed the rock/blues genre but in Texas she has focused more on the blues side as her soul and passion seem to thrive in its depths.  Kim loves the Texas music scene and the fellow musicians she continues to meet along the way.  That love drives her self-penned single, “Texas”, which is due to hit the radio air waves in the very near future.

BILL MIDDLETON. Billy Bob, Bill, or sometimes just “Bear”, Middleton has come full circle in the music business having returned to the hill country of Texas to continue sharing his well-honed talents with appreciative audiences.  Forty plus years of dedication to his first love,  music,  including thirteen years on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, has molded Bear into the exceptional entertainer that he is today. The list of notable artists he has backed over the years is too long to list, but Bear is a top tier solo performer in his own right.  Back now where it all started in the mid 70’s, Bear is proud to be found among his old friends and peers playing studio quality guitar and using his God-given voice that is often compared to Merle Haggard’s to entertain and inspire. Drawing on numerous influences throughout his career, Bear brings to the stage a blend of country, country/ rock, and blues with power and virtuosity that will turn any music lover’s head. 

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